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IT leaders face a daily demand to drive their company's innovation while ensuring the basics do not get overlooked. This is where knowledge and expertise become invaluable, and two of the biggest challenges and topics that the leaders of today face are around the Cloud and/or Business Intelligence.

The CIO Visions’ Cloud & BI Summit series will offer a firsthand perspective to what IT decision makers face on a regular basis when dealing with Business Intelligence and/or the Cloud, providing the attendees and sponsors a chance to network, listen to CIO presentations and get an understanding of the new technologies and solutions that are out there.

The program delivers a unique mixture of:

• Strategic presentations and panels from industry thought leaders
• Real world customer led case studies
• Targeted research meetings with leading solution providers
• Unparalleled networking opportunities with high profile industry peers.

The Educational program is so compelling because it is entirely peer driven and led, focusing on issues that are relevant to you, with insights from executives who are in the field addressing these challenges.

The model also presents the most time efficient medium to research the latest technology and innovations from industry leading solution providers via targeted research meetings. A staggering 94% of Attendees from our last event indicated they expected to partner with a solution provider they connected with at the conference.

The cost of producing the Conference is underwritten by the Sponsors and Exhibitors allowing Delegate Attendees to secure Complimentary Full Access Conference Passes including:

  • Full access to the world class educational program
  • 1 night's complimentary hotel accomodation
  • Full onsite catering including breakfasts, lunches, drinks receptions and refreshments
  • Customized pre-booked appointment schedule to connect you with targeted leading solution providers
  • Fantastic networking opportunity with other high profile peers
  • Access to the full book of conference presentations after the event



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